San Antonio Charities

San Antonio has countless non-profits and charitable organizations to volunteer with, donate to, or support by attending events and fundraisers. The highly populated city is passionate about a variety of issues, namely children, animals, and the environment in the community. Here are just a few of the great charitable organizations in the city.

Alamo Area Partners for Animal Welfare
PO Box 17324
San Antonio, TX 78217

The overall goal of the AAPAW is to uniteĀ animal welfare groups, veterinarians, and compassionate individuals in order to better the lives of animals in San Antonio. AAPAW focuses on finding homes for stray animals, ending overpopulation by offering spay and neutering services, and reducing animal abuse by promoting proper and responsible pet ownership.

Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas
205 W Olmos Drive
San Antonio, TX 78212

This wonderful organization focuses on supporting youth that have been affected by a loss in their family. By offering peer support programs, counseling, and education, the charity hopes to ease children into a healthy future.

Solar San Antonio
118 Broadway St
Suite 621
San Antonio, TX 78205

Solar San Antonio is a not-for-profit organization that helps both businesses and residential homes install solar power. The group focuses on education, marketing, and financing the need for solar power in San Antonio. The group encourages San Antonio to became a leader in the use of renewable energy.