Social San Antonio

Since San Antonio is such a big and exciting city, it is no surprise that the city has such a great nightlife! San Antonio has quirky wine bars, fun dance clubs, countless live music venues, and some of the best comedy clubs in the nation.

To take part in the live music scene, check out Jack’s Live Music Bar. Jack’s has huge television screens to catch the big game, delicious drinks, and live, local music on a regular basis! Luna is one of the best bars for live music in the city. Luna is actually a sit-down live music club and features music of all jazz genres. Blues, reggae, soul, and r&b are Luna’s specialty. For a cozy, relaxing, and entertaining night of music, definitely spend a night at Luna. The Irish Pub is also a great place for live music, fun, drinks, and good friends.

San Antonio’s dance clubs are always a great time! Check out Graham Central Station where you can explore six clubs in the same location for only one cover charge! The club has an original disco, a karaoke lounge, and an international music room — just to name a few! The Ice Lounge┬áhas great dance nights, as well! Friday nights are free for ladies, so grab your girls and head out!