San Antonio Music

San Antonio is rich in their music scene! The big city has some of the best live music venues you can imagine!

Club Rio is a great place for people who enjoy “Latin rock,” a scene that San Antonio is well-versed in. Club Rio is popular among the local residents of San Antonio, and some consider it one of the city’s best kept secrets. If you love Latin rock, pop, and salsero music, you will love Club Rio!

At the 502 Bar, enjoy one of the newest and most exciting music venues in San Antonio. 502 Bar is aimed at a younger “hip” crowd that enjoys indie and alternative music. 502 Bar hosts up and coming local and regional bands, as well as some well-known national names in music.

Gruene Hall is the oldest dance hall in the entire state of Texas! Considering its history, it makes sense that Gruene Hall specializes in country music, tejano music, and old-school jazz. Expect to hear music similar to Willie Nelson and George Strait when hanging out at this awesome dance hall. For a true country taste of Texas, this is the best live music venue to spend your night!

There are countless other live music venues and dance halls in San Antonio! If you are looking to experience some never-before-heard tunes or if you would rather jam out to the classic songs you know and love, you will be sure to find it in this great city.