San Antonio Football

Though San Antonio does not have a professional football team, the city still participates in many footballing events. The city is the host of the NCAA’s Alamo Bowl every December. The Alamo Bowl is the annual NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision game for college football. The Alamo Bowl has been played each year in San Antonio since 1993. The game is extremely popular, producing eight of the top 20 most-viewed football games in ESPN’s history.

San Antonio also has two rugby teams –the Alamo City Rugby Football Club and the San Antonio Ruby Football Club. The Alamo City Rugby Football Club is a rugby union based out of the city. The club was started by a few rugby players in 1983 and has grown to support college, high school, military, and adult rugby groups. The group includes women’s teams, as well. The San Antonio Rugby Football Club offers rugby lessons, games, and sportsmanship to all those interested in playing the sport.